Martin Clancy (IE)

Speaker (IEEE Global AI Ethics Arts Committee)

Dr. Martin Clancy is an expert on AI, music, and ethics who is Chair of the IEEE Global AI Ethics Arts Committee. He has discussed the implications of AI and music in front of the UN, G20, OCED, and EU in that role. Martin was also recently featured in The New York Times, WIRED, Billboard, CNET, Los Angeles Times, The Ringer, and The Messenger (as well as interviewed on TMZ Live, CNN, and CBC News) discussing a variety of topics around AI and music. In addition, Martin is an electronic musician himself, with two Top 40 hits on the Billboard Dance Charts. He currently performs with the melodic-techno group Valleraphon and electronic jazz ensemble Embassy Gutters. Finally, he is a live promoter himself and works closely with other international promoters, giving him insight into this particular issue.

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