Marco Effe (IT)

Artist Bio Born and raised in Livorno in 1985, Marco is considered to be one of the most promising Italian talents. In just such a short time, thanks to his record productions that are always supported worldwide by the best artists in the clubbing scene, he succeeds in affirming himself straigt to the sector of the international major’s level. Studio partner’s and his friends are Ilario Alicante and Romano Alfieri, in 2007 he began to compose his own music and immediately the desire grows in him to publish his first release and he did "Wet June ep" witch was released in November 2008 receiving a lot of recognition and was a great success! From that moment on his activity subsequently intensifies and Marco has the opportunity to acquire his relationships working together with an established label such as Big City Beats (Frankfurt). Marco’s talent is revealed and he is hungry to do more, and he did it again touching the spirit of the time as he released "Malaysia / Muar ep" (one of his ep’s numerously played by Richie Hawtin in 2010) on Break New Soil, Gregor Tresher's marvellous label. This allows him create a close collaboration which brought Marco to join the Dj booking agency “family affairs” and work together with some of the most famous & high-ranking international artists of today. In spring 2010 he returns with a new release on the album "Cécille Italy" his track is called "Janet" that expresses 100% of his unmistakable House / Tec style, edged by sought and elegant sonority which are also to find on his "From Kalida To Hyden ep" published on Dubfire's brilliant Label "Sci+Tec". Thanks to his accurate technique, he keeps his dj set unique, always succeeding in conquering the crowd, amusing and delightfully he presents his style in the best clubs & festivals the electronic music scene has to offer
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