Marco De Angelis (IT)

Speaker (A&R, Soave Records)

Marco De Angelis has been passionate about music since he was a little kid. During his studies at the SAE Institute in Milan, he already worked as a freelance Music Supervisor for a.o. Vogue Italia and Vice Italy as well as SEO specialists for We Rave You. The music industry has always triggered him as “being part of the success of a label, artist or artistic idea is beautiful”. In 2020, Marco joined the A&R department of Soave Records and is also in contact with the editorial teams of the biggest streaming platforms as Pitching Manager. What he hopes to experience during the ADE Lab Demo Drop? “Mainly hearing qualitatively good tracks with a unique touch. But I’d also love to meet artists that have a set goal for the future and learn how they’re planning to achieve that.”

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