Marc Faenger (DE)


Marc Faenger is an active member of the techno scene since he first appeared within Richie Hawtin`s M_NUS label circle and performed regularily on events and venues like ENTER., Fabric London, Sisyphos, Fuse and more. His debut release on M_NUS and the following EPs on labels such as Sonido, Trapez, Little Helpers and more further established Marc’s role in the electronic music realm.

His approach to producing involves a certain, hardware-driven sound signature and a tasteful roughness. He describes his sound as ‚Music for machines‘ and his output reinforces this statement.

His DJ-sets mirror his production style, delivering a continously evolving timbre of techno. Hypnotic, strong and from atmospheric to stripped-down: Marc’s performances are tailor-made for those who seek to get lost in frequencies.

His modular live-act also adheres to a simple yet powerful restriction: A drum machine, a sampler and his Eurorack system are all he brings to the stage, improvising sequences and creating moods over a bed of relentless, hypnotic techno drums.

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