Manuel Rodrigues ()

Manuel Rodrigues (deepRED.tv) studied graphic design for interactive applications, as well as Visual Effects and Interactive Media at the Netherlands Film Academy. During his studies, Manuel worked as a light technician and started delving into the world of music lighting. He fell in love with the creative process of translating music into visual language. His vocabulary consists of rythmics, cadence, dynamics, atmosphere, movement, time and space. Within precisely these rudimentary elements, Manuel seeks out connections between the auditory and visual world, working like a choreographer. Visual elements are treated and manipulated like dancers, creating a new medium/narrative in which images and sound are inextricably connected. Rodrigues has done extensive research into lighting and video control and is a pioneer in synchronizing visual data and music. He has toured across the globe with bands such as Mason, HardSoul and De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. The sync systems developed by Manuel provide artists with musical freedom. As opposed to other systems, they are not limited to a linear musical narrative, but are given far more freedom, as with Ableton for example.
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