Manu (GB)

Artist & Speaker

A connoisseur in the field of Afro house, Afro Tech and Deep House, London based Manu is a DJ, music curator, and content creator who is forging his path as one of the prominent voices of his scene. A provider of a vital platform who pays to tribute to authentic, new, upcoming and established artists, shining a light on talent that may otherwise slip under the radar, through his music shows, video reviews, reactions, relatable content and endearing personality. Manu plays an important role in bringing together dedicated fans and newcomers to the scene, sharing a niche sound in a dependable and palatable way which everyone can identify with. The host of the Deep Sounds podcast on Apple Music and Soundcloud is fast becoming one of the go-to names in the scene for lovers of the genres he specialises in, with a worldwide audience of over 150,000 dedicated followers across all platforms. His guest mix is a distinct sonic representation of impeccable musical knowledge and taste.

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