Magin Karica (AR)


Magin Karica is a techno artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who currently lives in Lisbon, Portugal.

Magin started his DJ career in 2011, and after performing at many local bars and clubs he decided to release his own music in 2014. With a melodic, hypnotic style, Magin got the attention of many producers in the scene, allowing him to release his first EP “Bayomo” with big support from latin american and international DJs, which enable him to travel around Latin America, playing at many places such as Argentina (Crobar, Pacha, Bahrein, Niceto Club, EsVedra, Club Araoz, Underclub, The Shamrock Bar & Basement, Undergate), Chile (Misa ClubRoom, Sunshine, Noches M, Club La Sala, Substance, Unlimited), Panamá, Costa Rica, Colombia, Uruguay, and outside Latin America in Israel and Portugal (Kremlin).

In the last few years, Magin focused on producing and releasing more music with his 5 latest EPs “Is The Music” (IAMT), “No Words No Breaks” (Future Techno Records), “Perpetually” (Archon Records), “Carpio” (Black Cat Records) y “Dessert / Space Calling” (Uncles Music), 2 VAs, “Mind Clock” (Natura Viva) and “Acropolite” (Phobiq) and 1 remix “MKM” (Lichi, Tuta Torres from Babasónicos). In them we can appreciate a more mature and deeper sound, with rhythmic and danceable melodies that characterize his shows.

Magin started performing live with vinyls in 2022 after taking lessons with the biggest icon in the field from Argentina, Miguel Silver. Having proved his talent in the scene in the last years Magin had the pleasure of sharing the stage with big DJs and producers such as: Nina Kraviz, Ramiro Lopez, Angy Kore, André Butano, Dosem, Brian Gros, Victoria Engel and many more.

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