Lim de la Cruz (NL)

Maro (Dj Lim de La Cruz) 32 years is a full time assistant manager at a telecom company and works part time as a DJ at various discotheques in Amsterdam and surrounding areas (Escape, Melk Weg, Van Dyck bar, SOHO, Club Smokey's, Mad Fox Club and ADE events) Just to name a few. His ambition were to do something in music. His boyhood dream; A button here, a button there. Simultaneously press them and see what happened. As a child I already played with casette tapes, with the play and rewind buttons, i figured a different type of sound would come out of it. The fact that i am a DJ now is a big part of it. At a later age, I even bought books to deepen myself in the history of Hip-Hop, and also began to experiment with music programs like Fruityloops. I never thought I would ever become a DJ. “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” Paulo Coelho, Alchemist From cassette tapes to DJ; After graduating high school all my friends went to College. I wanted to do something with music and many saw it as a useless opportunity. I continued to believe in myself and came into contact with ISH. An organization that works extensively with theater and music and provides workshops for talent development in young people. At ISH, I developed my skill as a DJ where I mostly experimented with records and different sounds. Shortly thereafter I hit my own way in this world, but that brought me to what I am today as an artist! My love for "House" music is what I started with, this evolved after I encountered Eclectic Dj's like Dj Irwan, Chuckie and that opened my world! Expanding into different music genres makes many people happy, and that's my goal. Pleasing the crowd! What am i up to now? Besides playing at night clubs, i also produce music and like to work with different upcoming artists. I tend to release some singles. Also working in a DJ group called “Amsterdam State of Mind”. “People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.” Paulo Coelho, Alchemist
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