Lenson (NL)

Born and raised on the outskirts of Rotterdam, Lenson is one of the up and coming underground Techno artists of Europe biggest harbour city. Inspired by his brothers cassette collection, Lenson started his musical exploration at an early age. His first outing through his and Stranger's Paling Trax label that surfaced in 2015 with raw overdrived tools for dark basements and with his unique, acidic and uncomprimised sound he could hold down several intense club nights throughout the country. With playing a broad mixture of Chicago House and Detroit Techno with lots of raw acid 90's cuts and adding EBM, Wave, Electro and Industrial excursions in his vision he definitely doesn't have a linear perspective in his DJ sets. Adding to that he's nowadays a staff member at Clone Records where he also started his new label project Rotterdam Electronix to release Electro/Techno cuts by Betek to Swedish Börft affiliate A. Stantz and off course the local suspects like Offset and TAFKAMP are scheduled for releases on the imprint. Len joined forces with The Hagues District 25 crew who gave him a spot on their Crave partys and their weekly friday night in the just opened Magazijn club. As a vinyl purist, gear scientist and general purveyor of all forms of hardware, He's ready to shake some dancefloors all over, watch out.
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