Lazy Jacks (NL)

In only 1.5 years of producing music, Lazy Jacks already got noticed by Blasterjaxx, Lucky Date and D.O.D, these big shots are already playing Lazy Jacks tunes all around the globe. Lazy Jacks doesn’t have one sound that he is focussing on, the only thing that counts for him is the energy. His latest productions ‘’Me And Dem Boys’’, ‘’Crocody Worroworro’’ and ‘’Umkhosi’’ have an unique tribal house vibe that on its own is outstanding and different compared to other tracks. Behind the desks he shows his love for electronic music by giving every bit of energy in his body. Lazy Jacks sets are varied, edited on the public he is playing for and hard in it’s own way. Watch out for Lazy Jacks because he has got big plans for the future.
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