Lawrence Le Doux (BE)

For nearly two decades now, as a member of groups such as Electrosold Collectif (alongside Mouse on Mars’ Jan St Werner) and working solo under a wide range of pseudonyms such as Sun OK Pap K.O. and Baleine 3000, Belgium’s Laurent Baudoux has been a pivotal figure in his country’s underground Electronic music scene. Currently working under the name Lawrence Le Doux his most recent releases for Brussels’ VLEK label have thrust Baudoux back into the international spotlight with the likes of Resident Advisor and Thump queuing up to heap praise upon the bearded Belgian’s uniquely uplifting take of House and Techno. On releases such as the ‘Terrestre’ and ‘Pollution’ 12”s Baudoux’s knack for creating otherworldly, dreamlike textures underpinned by pulsating sun-soaked rhythms has marked him out as one of Electronic music’s true originals. And if Baudoux’s music mesmerises on record the effect is even more pronounced live, where his utopian electronics are further bolstered by live guitar and bass to dazzling effect.
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