Lawrence Apaga (NL)

Born in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) from Filipino parents, Lawrence Apaga was in the late 2000’s a successful DJ in the Netherlands. Sharing headliners everywhere with his Dutch contemporaries Hardwell, Afrojack, Quintino, Laidback Luke and Lady Bee. Famous in the Benelux for his undeniable technical skills and feeling how to hype any party with his energetic bass beats with raw and grimey sounds. Unfortunately, Lawrence got hearing problems and was told by the Doctors to stop DJ’ing to save his hearing and not become deaf on one ear. For several years, he was out of the music scene totally. His passionate love for music brought him back and Lawrence Apaga became a music director of night clubs in Amsterdam. One night he could no longer resist the calling of the booth and started DJ’ing again. Against any medical expectations, Lawrence Apaga did not feel any pain in his ear or had any other ear complications. Nor the following times that he stood in his beloved booth. Lawrence Apaga took it as a sign by the Universe and restarted his DJ career. Now Lawrence Apaga is playing gigs all over the world and is a regular in clubs like Escape Amsterdam, Panama Amsterdam, Tradgarn (Zweden), Penthouse (Denmark), Duplex (Czech Republic), Raven (China), Zentral (Hong Kong), Magnum (Hong Kong), Valkyrie (Philippines), Liv Superclub (Philippines) and a resident DJ Ultra Europe 2018. The next step is the international release of his first single and following tour. This time nothing will stop Lawrence Apaga to share his passion for music with people who love to party from all over the world.
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