Lauren Mia (US)

A classical pianist and composer turned DJ and music producer, Lauren Mia began her journey as an electronic producer in 2016 which quickly led to her studying audio engineering. She began the launch of her music career by playing at various underground events in and around the Los Angeles area. Her ability to capture the true essence of intimacy and love while sonically delivering them to the crowd landed her gigs around the globe. This year she's performed 44 shows in the likes of California, Nevada, Miami, Montreal, Sydney, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Barcelona, Girona as well as live radio shows in Costa Rica, Italy, Ibiza and more. What stands out about Lauren's production style is her incorporation of cinematic and orchestral sound design with deep, melodic house and techno. She combines her classical compositions with analog/digital synthesis to create a unique and emotional over-all sound. She released her first record in 2018 with 11 releases in 2019 on labels like Somatic Records, Masonic Recordings, & Syncopate Recordings and has also launched an album containing nine acoustic piano compositions. In the future, Lauren has an EP planned for Endangered Records. She shares these thoughts on her music & why she named her brand, mix series, & new imprint 'Ear Porn Music': “When I play for people, I get to connect with them so deeply and intimately without words or physical touch. It's like I’m making love to everyone on the dance-floor, but through sound. Music is the universal language, a culture everyone can be a part of it. I just want to share my love and make my mark on it and inspire others to do the same.”
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