LaDeeva (US)


With her fashion sense and fierceness, DJ La Deeva brings her unique flavor of house music to the masses. Born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Puerto Rico, her passion for music and dancing has allowed her to express and speak to you through the music she plays. In 2018, DJ La Deeva found her true calling when she was given the opportunity to spin at Dalian Studios, (Staten Island) with Jason Rios. The experience only made her more passionate about playing and she soon began listening and taking part in DWILDMUSICRADIO events and broadcasts.

This experience eventually opened other doors of opportunity and allowed her to continue growing as a DJ. Since then, DJ La Deeva has played on many platforms, both nationally and internationally, playing live sets for online radio stations such as Sound Music Experience, Love For House Never Dies, House Nation Music, based in Italy, Today she is the DJ Residence on Radio Studio House, Italy alongside, Vincenzo DeLucia CEO, and Daniel Fauci, DJ, Duvall (Portugal), Groove Box Radio (Chicago), and Juergamixeros (various countries), Move Ibizia Radio, ThaSe7en by MixesbyDaddy (Baltimore) Souled Out House and TheFreezProject (www.sohradio.fm) (Atlanta, Georgia) Shortly thereafter, she was asked to Co-host alongside Jerome Cornish from Forbidden Soul on WHCR 90.3FM The Voice of Harlem, you can listen in on Saturday from 8 to Midnight. Her passion for music grew stronger and Later on, she joined forces with Veteran Squad Radio (www.mixlr.com/veteran-squad-radio) you can listen to her on Monday from 4 - 6 pm est., Her love of house music is infectious and once you have tuned into her show, you’re hooked. Her goal as a DJ is to move and inspire you through her beautiful song selections and mixes. Join DJ La Deeva as she continues to take you through her “Dear House Journey.”

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