Kyle Douglas (US)

Viva resident DJ from Seattle, Wa., Kyle Douglas is a Chicago-born DJ that has been mixing for 18 years. One thing people always say about Kyle is that he has killer track selection. This isn’t a shock since his mother used to go to disco clubs when she was pregnant with him -- he was born into the beat. Kyle can confidently play all genres of House, but puts out mostly Underground House, Deep House, Techno, Tech House, and Nu-Disco. Being from Chicago, Kyle is an aggressive mixer and precise programmer. His sound always has a full heartbeat, is chunky, organic, melodic, and constantly moving, all without losing that soulfulness that House music provides. He is intimate with his tracks, understanding them from start to finish. Unique among most talent these days, Kyle spins vinyl on a regular basis and has been collecting his music library since the late 90s. He’s an avid risk taker behind the decks, implementing new techniques, experimental sounds, and complex layering. Kyle genuinely enjoys pushing himself to be the best for his audience. Including Chicago, Kyle is a well-travelled DJ, having lived in four major House music markets. He’s held residencies in NYC, played small festivals in Northern CA and clubs all over SF, and now books many gigs in Seattle, WA, where he currently resides. Kyle is teamed with Viva Recordings, a west coast House music label that just celebrated 20 years of presence in May of 2018. He has a loyal following made up of cultured House heads and friends. Most importantly, Kyle just loves to get down with the crowd.
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