Kluun (NL)

Raymond van de Klundert (1964), aka Kluun, debuted with his book ‘Komt een vrouw bij de dokter’ (Love Life) in 2003. About 1 200 000 copies were sold, and it was translated into 30 different languages, followed by ‘De weduwnaar’ in 2006, of which about 700 000 copies were sold. In 2008 he set up ‘Nightwriters’, (stand up writing nights), for which he sold out many Dutch venues. During this time, his columns were also bundled into a book called KLUNEN. In 2009 ‘Komt een vrouw bij de dokter’ was made into a film, with Carice van Houten as the lead. In 2014 KLUNEN2 came out; all his best columns and stories of the past 5 years, about football, women, fatherhood and cheating, bundled into a book. His new book ‘DJ’, about a well-known Dutch DJ who ends up involved in a sex scandal, is coming soon.
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