Kees Vos (NL)

Speaker (SEG)

“Talk about a dream, try to make it real”. These words from the Bruce Springsteen song Badlands mean much more to Kees than any other life quote. They inspired him to aim and reach higher than many family generations before him.

From the age of 17 Kees studied Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit), where he became friends with Jeroen Meerum Terwogt. Straight after their graduation in 1996, Jeroen and Kees started recruitment company MT&V. Many more companies followed.

In 2000, his experience in the recruitment industry, combined with his passion for sports in general and football in particular - and the inspiration from blockbuster movie Jerry Maguire! - formed the stepping stones to a new endeavour in the sports industry. Together with his childhood friend Alex Kroes Kees founded talent management agency SEG.

Starting from scratch, with zero clients but with the dream to become an influential player inthe sports and entertainment industry, SEG has grown into a leading agency with more than 600 clients and 100+ agents.

In 2020, SEG divisions Football, Cycling and Esports were joined by a fourth branch: Artists. SEG Artists offers professional and personal guidance to artists who want to achieve their career goals. Services include management, bookings, PR & media, legal support, marketing, creating brand partnerships, as well as personal development. The client base consists of a diversity of artists, mainly in the dance and hiphop scene.

Kees’ entrepreneurial instincts combined with his skills and experience in talent development make him a renowned expert on talent management, with a focus on the commercial and financial aspects.

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