Kaycie (NL)

Kaycie Is one of the founding members of Strength Of Unity, an Amsterdam based party organization famous for their old style Hardcore parties. Back in 2006 Kaycie performed as the MC of the crew. But as the sound of the parties became rougher and tougher, Kaycie started to bring his vinyl to the decks and became known for his up-tempo dark terror style vinyl Hardcore sets. On March 2008 the organization came with a new event called Ouwe Stijl is Botergeil. Inspired by the legendary parties of the 90's like Hellraiser and Digital Overdose, The aim was to search for new talent and heroes of old and bring them to Amsterdam for an old style Gabba party. In 2008, still recovering from surgery, Kaycie picked up the microphone as the MC once more. Later he got interested in music production and live performances. Inspired by the way digital DJ’s in other scenes integrated live performance into there DJ sets by using MIDI equipment. Kaycie now performs live as a digital DJ, using self made loops, samples and other material to bring the old Hardcore sound like you have never heard it before! In the future Kaycie aims to evolve himself as an artist by producing his own tracks while still organizing parties of epic proportion.
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