K Alexi Shelby (US)

K's upbringing in Chicago in the 70's and 80's meant he was exposed to a range of genres and different styles of music including Stevie Wonder Prince Curtis Mayfield and David Huff - these same names would prove to be the roots of influence. K's first pressing 'Essence of a Dream' is still regarded a classic today. A tally of successful hit records remixing and collaborating with other artists resulted in his talents being sought by a diverse range of artists like The Pet Shop Boys ,Dj Deep ,Derrick May Angel Abi, D- ROLAND ,Paul Johnson ,Dj Gregory ,Kenny Dope ,Mr Lee (who produces for R Kelly) Gene Hunt ,ROLANDO, Maurice Joshua ,MARSHALL JEFFERSON ,Marc Romboy ,Mark Grant ,Larry Heard & Robert Owens, TjenTjen, Dave Angel Felix Da Housecat and Will Smith.Ect Just as notorious for his DJing ability Mr K 'Alexi has played at just about every exotic location imaginable as well as in the UK his smooth blend of house disco and TecSoul that is also the name of his label "TecSoul"
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