Justin Massei (DE)

A clustered mass of atoms, shelled around a form of consciousness, Justin Massei is awake, aware, and at the same time lost between what’s abstract and the concrete walls of Berlin. Having made a name for himself as an artist in Boston, Massei had comfort, security, and status. He also had a feeling. The walls he worked hard to build began to impede his spiritual and creative evolution. Trusting that feeling, Justin decided to change tracks, and in 2012, flew a one-way ticket to Techno City. Leaving everything behind, he now had the dexterity to grow both musically and consciously, and more importantly Justin had the freedom to find himself in life’s incessant circus. After shedding his skin it didn’t take long for Massei to gain traction in his new hood both in and out of the studio. He quickly became a resident for the Electric Monday Party at Tresor. In 2014, the inspiration lead to “What I Don’t Believe In,” a heavy Tech House cut that caught the ears of legend Dave Seaman, who later released it on his imprint Selador Recordings. This began a relationship that resulted in a stack of acclaimed releases, including an EP hammered by Richie Hawtin, a remix for Third Son, and a sunrise set behind the decks at the mighty Watergate Club in Berlin. Even after setting his trajectory overseas, Justin continued to hustle back in the states with multiple releases on NYC boutique labels Sullivan Room Records and Modern Day Music. Justin’s pensive nature is ubiquitous with his productions and DJ Sets. His music is both technical and engaging, nerdy and seamless. He was a dancer of House long before he was a DJ, giving him an intuitive knack for reading a crowd, feeling the right groove for the right moment, and weaving emotions throughout a set. To experience Justin Massei’s music is to lose yourself within an labyrinth of his own twisted lens of introspection. He’s still lost and searching, but he’s ok with that…
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