Julian Tonic (AR)


Julian Tonic is the founder of a talent management company under the same name. Born and raised in Argentina, Julian obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Master’s Degree in Cloud Computing at the age of 23. Always passionate about music and supporting others to reach their dreams, Julian was a natural manager. He started helping out musicians just for fun, quickly getting reached out to by many artists and realizing that he could have a great and positive impact in the industry with his diverse background, he fully quit his job at Dropbox Inc as a software engineer to pursue his true passion.

Julian lived most of his adult life in the USA, moving to a new city every one or two years, making connections all over the country, he lived in Boston, New York, Denver, California and Seattle. At the time Julian was a prolific software engineer that worked for Google, Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox.

Since part of Julian’s family is in Argentina, and part of it in Spain, he finds himself traveling constantly among those 2 countries and the USA. Having so much experience traveling he’s ideal for touring, so he’s played the tour manager role for many artists at gigs that vary from small clubs to big festivals such as Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Brazil and Croatia, Brunch Electronik in Lisbon, and Tomorrowland in Brazil and Belgium.

In 2021 Julian started organizing events and filming video sets for his YouTube channel to boost his artists’ careers and reach, filming high quality sets with his team in many locations like Buenos Aires (2021 & 2022), Bariloche (2023) and Ibiza (2023).

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