Josh Coakley (IE)

Rising from the ashes of Dublin Ireland's gradually growing electronic music scene, the award-winning DJ/Producer Josh Coakley is one of the youngest Irish talents and most underrated DJs on the international circuit right now, and one of those selectors blessed with the ability to really tell a story. With productions signed to some of the best labels in the world he is never afraid to take a risk behind the decks incorporating vinyl and drum machines and you're likely to hear him smash through some vintage old skool tracks along with the best in tech house, nu-disco and techno. The success for this young and extremely talented Irish DJ and producer continues to evolve week after week. You can expect nothing less than pure evolving greatness from a very humble yet very passionate and skilled technical young individual.

 For Josh Coakley only one thing matters, and that's to provide his crowd and his fans with nothing less than an amazing experience in music. It's all about having fun in what he does and to share it with as much people as possible. His unique skills behind the decks also never goes unnoticed as he can make the craziest transitions without even thinking too much about it. Some of the biggest names in the music industry in and outside of Ireland follow his involvement and progression. With that been said, you can be sure to hear a lot more from this unique talent to come. The future is bright for this young artist.
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