Joris de Man (NL)

Speaker (Composer)

Joris de Man is a BAFTA nominated and Ivor Novello winning composer known for compelling themes built around captivating melodies. From glitchy electronica to orchestral soundtracks, Joris has always focused on writing story-driven music that supports an emotional journey. Well- known for his work on the PlayStation blockbuster Horizon Zero Dawn, Joris has been integral to the development of the series' soundtracks for Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds and Horizon Forbidden West, his themes for the game, and its main character Aloy providing a signature sound. He is also widely known for his work on the first three instalments of Guerrilla's Killzone franchise, FuturLab's Velocity series, and the MOBA hit, Vainglory.Outside of video games, Joris has also scored various films, including Studio Mir's 2018 short Koji and Mike Mort's stop-motion feature Chuck Steel - Night of the Trampires. When revisiting his digital audio background, we see Joris' aptitude for musical sound design on full display. A lover of all things synth, his sonic experimentation helps to form the foundation of some distinct sound palettes. He is an adept music producer with a critical ear and a penchant for creating unique soundscapes. But it is perhaps Joris’ ability to reach into the heart of the listener, with his sensitive, emotional themes, connecting the narrative arc of characters and story, that make his rich orchestrations so impactful and memorable.

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