Jono Sidwell (GB)

Speaker (Bigfoot Music Management)

Jono has been working behind the scenes in artists' careers since 2010.

In 2017, Jono transitioned into full-time management, working with a range of emerging talents and international headliners.

With a diverse background in merchandising and content creation, he's not just a manager but an entrepreneur, owning both a merchandise company and a creative agency. His true calling, however, lies in helping acts to discover and amplify their unique space in the industry.

Jono's approach is deeply human-centric, forging genuine connections with his artists and working collaboratively to reach shared goals regardless of whether they are playing melodic house or hard techno. Under his stewardship, and with the unwavering support of their agents - his artists continue to perform at many of the most renowned and coveted clubs and festivals across the globe.

A passion for storytelling and dedication to mental health underpins his management style, enabling him to mentor the acts he manages to grow and connect with their fans, telling their story through music.

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