Jon Fernandez (GB)

Jon Fernandez, born in London, got his first taste of Underground Music in the early 80′s while still at� school when electro was coming to the UK. His friend had 2 turntables and a mixer and taught Jon how to mix and Jon was hooked. Jon Fernandez started his production career in the ‘rave’ era, back in the early 90′s. He produced his first track “Mystery 159″ in 1992 under the name JF & E. This was followed by a string of hardcore/jungle releases, such as The Vibes E.P. and white label releases under the alias “DJ Strings”, the name inspired by the classic House record “Strings of Life”. In the early to mid 90′s Jon focused his energies on DJing on the London House n Garage scene and played at clubs such as Gass, Ministry, Bagleys, The Cross, Chunnell Club, Garage City, Colloseum to name a few. Jon has had some of his music played on the Tuff Jam show on Kiss FM. From 95-2000 Jon regularly visited Tenerife to DJ and when UK Garage became heavily influenced by R + B and MC’s Jon left the UK to play House music in Tenerife where he still lives now. After a break from the scene Jon is now back writing songs, producing and re-mixing House Music. In May 0f 2014 Jon remixed the single ¨SO IN LOVE¨ by NickDeSix ft. Divaynne on Natural Essence Media. One of the mixes reached no. 1 in the Hard to Find Records USA House and Garage Chart. This was followed up by the ¨DEEP n RUFF EP¨ on the UK label Snazzy Traxx. Since then Jon has released a number of singles on a number of labels around the world like ¨¨HSR¨¨ ¨¨DEEP NOTA¨¨and ¨¨CUCUMBER RECORDS¨¨ also including songs he wrote the lyrics to like, ¨YOU LIFT ME HIGH¨ ft. the vocals of Clay, a soulful house track released on HSR from Italy (November 2014). Also with HSR label Jon remixes include… Guido P ft. Josiah Ruff ¨HAPPY LAND ¨ … Soulbridge, Jenny Cruz ¨BELIEVE¨… Rachael Calladine¨¨MUSIC SETS ME FREE¨¨ with another song he wrote coming out the beginning of 2017 called ¨¨PERFECT¨¨also with the vocals of Josiah Ruff, and many more singles both Soulful and Underground in the pipeline.
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