Johanna Schneider (SE)

Johanna Schneider promoted club nights during her late teen years, but it was with her location change to Stockholm that things really started to accelerate. Working part time barista and part time selling vinyls at Fade records, she immediately gave music total devotion, spending all hard earned cash on new records to add to a growing collection. Within short, she started to promote nights as part of the BIRDS-collective at Gallery 2:35:1 as well as bringing along the records she bought. It wasn’t long before her career if you may call it that, skyrocketed and split up into various direction. Schneider basically does everything one can do in music business, she plays records, she promotes, she runs labels, always with a doubtless sense of quality and elegant finess. She is also much sought after as selector, playing techno that is direct and with an imposing and uncompromising nature, merged together in a very gentle and feathery manor, either by herself or with Phillippa Pacho, forming the duo STHLM Murder Girls. She runs the label Bossmusik with several acclaimed releases by names like some of Swedens most in vogue producers. She works for the record company Goldenbest and handles some of the bookings at Under Bron. She is also one of the founders of Esperanto Music. Considering the huge amount of projects in her lap it’s surprising that one can manage it all, but for Johanna it’s always been simple since she’s working with what she truly loves.
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