Jerrau (NL)


Claiming his spot as a local talent, Jerrau is one of the trailblazers representing the contemporary wave of DJs from Amsterdam. Flagrantly knocking down barriers in the industry by maneuvering between events that are differentiated by genres, the Surinamese-Dutch DJ consolidates his broad interest and inexhaustible curiosity in various music styles during his sets and recurring radio shows. Drawing national attention, Jerrau aims beyond the Dutch borders.

Jerrau’s broad interest comes with a healthy dose of music as well as the culture surrounding it. This adds a deeper dimension to digging for new records. When he’s not behind the decks, he’s often found in front of the booth, learning from and supporting colleague DJs. Often seen at concerts, Jerrau’s curiosity essentially leads him to unconventional sources of inspiration, such as games, soundtracks and anime, which he subtly consolidates in his DJ sets.

Ranging between breakbeats, bass-heavy club music, and alternative electronic hip hop, there is something intriguing in the way Jerrau weaves these genres together with an infectious energy that radiates on the dance floors. Yet, this is not where his musical endeavours stop. His curiosity and enjoyment of discovering new music lead to two monthly radio shows at Radio Radio and Stranded FM in Amsterdam and Utrecht, respectively. Here, Jerrau explores the boundaries of his musical landscape and shares this with his listeners.

Sharpening his vision and doubling down on his determination during the pandemic resulted in a complete breakthrough and establishing himself by taking over festivals all across the Netherlands, such as Best Kept Secret, Down The Rabbit Hole, Lowlands and Orbit festival. With the support of the Bureau Punt agency, Jerrau embodies the DJ who dares to venture beyond established boundaries and operates at the cutting edge of DJ culture. Persistently honing his craft locally, Jerrau now aims for crowds beyond the Netherlands to provide his unique mix of music.

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