Jelle Van Dael (BE)

Jelle Van Dael is a young star in her own right. Jelle’s musical career began at the age of 18 years old; and with no time to waste, JvD was struck in at the deep end. After winning a popular TV competition in her home-country of Belgium, the singer instantly rose to fame and was placed as the lead singer of a worldwide award-winning dance project, with several hits and an outstanding 5 million album sales behind their belt to say the least. This project catapulted Jelle into stadium tours, travelling the world and a life of TV, fame and stardom. At just 19 years old Jelle was introduced to TV presenting on the Belgian music station JIM, and being one of the most reputable channels in the country, what a way to yet again raise Ms Van Dael’s profile. From ‘Dancing With The Stars’ to Miami showcases, it’s fair to say Jelle Van Dael has had quite the roller coaster ride in the past few years. As with everything great, there comes a time when one’s wings need to spread, direction needs to evolve and a classy profile needs, well, just a little more edge. That day is today.
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