Jeane Isadou (NL)

Eight years ago she discovered vinyl at a friend’s house, and ever since she’s been passionate about spinning records (of DJing). As a musician, Jeane Isadou definitely benefited from her upbringing. Her rhythmic feeling and passion for music bring a positive energy to her music. Her personal style is deep and dark minimal and techno. In 2013 Jeane Isadou participated in the well-known Twstd dj contest in Amsterdam. She was the only woman to participate. Jeane Isadou has also worked in several clubs, such as the Sugar Factory, Studio 80, Poema, Waalhalla, Beatclub,Lindenberg, Akhnaton, and Platinum. She also worked on renowned events, such as Amsterdam Dance Event, Dockyard Festival, Orange Room,Raven is Leven, Into the dark, Stam-Pot, New Dutch School,Techno Tuesday, Subcultuur, Cabin in the Woods, Nachtdier, Aangespoeld, Droef and Techno breakfast.
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