Jean Jacques (NL)


Jean Jacques is the second name of Amsterdam native Thibaud Peters. His obsession for electronic music led him to discover the rave scene and be inspired by the likes of Drexciya, Basic Channel and CJ Bolland. Having a clear preference for the more intense stuff, his sounds are clearly inspired by the free spirited do it yourself attitude that early techno made famous. Being first and foremost a dancer, Jean Jacques mixes instinctively and without compromise. Focused on groove and rhythm, no genre is excluded if the track brings the right emotion. Dance music has to be effective and fun. While long blends and hypnotic melodies are his forte, he is not afraid to be rough where contrast is needed. Dub, Electro, Trance, EBM or 90s Techno. His extensive knowledge gives him a lot of options when it comes to track selection. Expect both variety and intensity, you’ll try but won’t outlast him on the dancefloor.

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