Jay Norris (IT)


Juri Valenti, AKA Jay Norris, is an Italian DJ/Producer born
in 1991 in Tuscany, near Florence.

Already at an young age, he started his expedition looking
for the best Techno clubs and festivals in Europe.

In his productions and in his sets, he tried to reproduce the
vibrations that he learned in his adventures.

His art was born in 2014 forming the Techno duo
"Losdes" and becoming resident DJ of "Circle in The
Jungle", leading Techno staff in the province of Siena, which will then
lead him to play with some of the best organizations and clubs in Tuscany as
"Mind Club", "Groove", "Metamorfosy", "Reset
Sound", "Napusten" and the opening nights for DJs like
"Wooden Crate", "Markyz", "Reform" and
"Answer Code Request". His career evolved in 2021 , as a soloist, releasing his
first two EPs, first "Kosmos" on "Reload Records" and then
"Locus" on "Gain Records". Another big step comes in 2022 when his track "Make your
transition" is released on "Autektone" and selected by
"T78" in "Tektones10" His tracks are created to be Techno hits for discos with an
acculturated and cosmopolitan taste.

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