Jan Willem van der Meer (NL)


After co-founding the tech driven ticketing company Paylogic in 2006 during his studies he has been involved in numerous startups in the live entertainment and tech space. He grew Paylogic to over 100 employees in over 10 countries and eventually sold the company to Vivendi in 2018. In this same period, he had coached many startup founders and as an angel invested in many successful ones, of which restaurant reservation system Formitable that exited to PSG earlier this year. Jan Willem was also one of the initiators of Founders’ Dinner, a tight group of most promising tech startup founders from Amsterdam between 2010 and 2020. Since 2018 he is building the startup community around ADE and by initiating The Chorus this year a big step is taken to get ADE to become a real hub and gathering place for Music (Tech) Startups and the whole eco system of experts, advisors and investors around that.

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