Jan Willem van der Meer (NL)

Paylogic is a ticketing company with a tech DNA and it has over the last 10 years disrupted traditional ticketing in two ways; firstly by introducing print-at-home ticketing in the entertainment industry, and secondly - and more impactful - by successfully liberating the organizers; offering them “white-label”, “do-it-yourself" ticketing in The Netherlands later many other markets. Since then it developed to become the fastest growing 'new generation' ticketing company of Europe and is probably the largest player in the Electronic Music space in the world. The company has offices and teams active in Amsterdam, Groningen, Berlin, Antwerp, London and Sao Paulo and offers it services to many more countries in all continents the world. Paylogic keeps on innovating new technologies and solutions and brings ticketing to a whole new level. In December 2013 Paylogic became part of SFX Entertainment.
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