James Orvis (GB)

James Orvis’ new musical engagement bears more emphasis on the live and energetic aspects of electronic music. Combining the core driving elements of House and Techno with the complex organic atmospheres and euphoric melodic arrangements that were prominent in his previous works. James takes direct influence from the worlds of Philosophy, Science and Spirituality utilising lucid dream states, sacred geometry and both western and eastern philosophies to form concepts for his songs and his emerging visual art. The curiosity of mind expansion and soul searching have brought an ever increasing depth and dimension to his work. He discovered that the act of making music induces similar states to those found in deep meditation and he seeks to pull the audience into a transcendental hypnotic state that results in social connection and euphoria. This year James stepped outside of his comfort zone to work alongside one of Hull’s most forward thinking theatre companies Middle Child. He provided a live electronic score for the award winning debut theatre adaption of Richard Millward’s Ten Story Love Song, which premiered at the Hull Truck Theatre and Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival. Previous projects have seen him tour Europe playing a string of festivals and iconic music institutions including the monolithic Berghain in Berlin. He has toured with the legendary Gus Gus across Poland and Germany and worked as a Sound Designer for the Swedish synth company Elektron.
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