Jack Roselli (NL)

In the beginning, there was Rik. And Rik van der Laak just loved the groove. He grew up in Echt and came into contact with music and the love for spinnin’ a record at Discotheek Stoba. He started only one year ago playing his first record. Day after day practicing for perfection and to develop his talent requires sheer dedication. And things really evolved; Jack Roselli was born! He enrolled in several DJ contests and won in 2013 one of the most important: the Groove Garden DJ contest. With a new step in making his own edits and mash ups, he is the man to keep an eye on the future! Young, fresh and vibrant, that’s the best way to describe Jack Roselli’s sound and edits! Because you know house music started with Jack and his groove. And now Jack is here, and house music wil become his groove!
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