IVAN999 (ES)


Ivan Canalejo, aka IVAN999, is a Spanish DJ and producer from Barcelona. In 2018 Ivan met his best friend Alex Cordero, aka Alex O’Clock, and started DJing at the same club in Lloret De Mar (Spain) for a while. That leaded them to start their duo project, HEXXOS. Since then, it’s been more than 2 million plays on their music, 800 shows together across Europe, 5 years of friendship, and the strongest of the connections. The HEXXOS project was able to reach labels like Yellow Claw’s Barong Family, and have it’s music played by musicians from Diplo to Bring Me The Horizon.

After some years working together, Ivan decided launched his solo project IVAN999, and focus on his view of the music industry from a rave-friendly perspective.

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ivan99...

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