Ingo Vogelmann (PH)

In June 2014 Ingo released his 8th artist album "The Great Escape", which gains a lot of attention and superb feedback from some of the world's most respected DJs and producers. As always, Ingo released it on his own imprint L2 Music. He currently works on his 9th artist album for which he teamed up with the Danish classical/crossover singer Helene Hørlyck as well as New York City based singer Jane Silence, to create another pioneering work in the field of advanced eletronic music. Also out in 2013 are remixes for the award-winning producer Lee Fletcher and the German label Cirque Du Son. In late summer of 2013 Ingo moved to Asia, the Philippines. In his new STUDIO 909 he's composing and producing new music, as well as doing mastering for artists and labels.
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