Indecent Noise (PL)

Dj and producer from Poland. Known for his raw and techy sound. Indecent Noise (Aleksander Stawierej), producer and co-organiser of events „Lifestream” in Warsaw. His music is completely wrapped in energetic and melodic trance sounds and he often uses more techy stuff in his sets. His fascination for electronic music has started at a very young age. Aleksander is also the leading artist of the label "mental asylum" His debut came in 2006 with remixes of Viscid's tracks that were released on J00F Deep and Inaspace in 2006. The next year he improved his musicianship gaining experience in production and he signed a contract with Neuroscience Recordings and Kerf Music. The turning point in his career was winning a remix competition of „Wildfires”, which was organised by Comunicate Recordings in 2008. In 2010 he signed contracts with the labels Discover & Fraction. Playing live he fully uses technology by using a laptop and midi controllers with Ableton Live setup, making his sets special and unique. In 2010 Indecent Noise signed with Audio Religion booking agency, which manages artists like Manuel Le Saux, Lee Haslam, Fast Distance and Sly One vs. Jurrane. Indecent Noise has his own monthly radioshow „Noise Sessions” on Trance.fm, Totaal fm, Discover Trance Radio and PureSound.fm. He also hosts “Radio Bosh”, which is broadcasted every month in sundays prime time on afterhours.fm.
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