Ici Sans Merci (NL)

Ici Sans Merci is a DJ and producer of underground electronic music, he began his career in 2006 out of love for music and wanting to share this passion with the world. Earning his stripes through the underground scene and illegal raves located in Amsterdam and throughout the rest of the Netherlands, has allowed him to become the DJ he is today! His style is extremely divers. He loves to create a merge of groovy deep, minimal like and extra-terrestrial sounds in his sets with an acid and techno edge to it. “I call it: future music”. His characteristic own style attracts fans of all styles of electronic dance music and made him perform at a variety of parties. Already known and highly requested in both Amsterdam’s biggest clubs and festivals held across the country, ICI SANS MERCI has managed to spread his music to the international scene as well. Places that have been infected by his sound are; Ibiza, Berlin, South Africa, Kopenhagen, Antwerp, Barcelona, Mallorca and Marrakech. On the constant rise, ICI SANS MERCI’s popularity continues to flourish. His breakthrough as a recognized artist can be reflected on his recent achievements. A sold out all nighter at a big venue. A corporation with '2000 And One' for Redbull Music. A featured artist in the line-up for large events in 2012, 2013 and 2014, such as South Africa tour (including Johannesburg, Capetown and Afrika Burn), Awakenings, Mysteryland, Dance Valley, Welcome To The Future Festival, Amsterdam Open Air, Amsterdam Dance Event and many more. He won the Dutch Techno Award for “Best New Artist of 2012”. Other Award winners: Joris Voorn and Speedy J. Ici has his own Clubnight named: Youth In Revolt, where he invited dj's such as Christian Smith, Matthew Styles, DJ Wild and many more. Passionated and driven to advance his musical career in the future years, one can only assume that ICI SANS MERCI is a name which will be heard! He continues to amaze the electronic music world with his talents and will release in the near future on respectable labels.
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