Harry von Stacks (GB)

Product of the 1990s Rave, Drum and Bass and House scene. Every weekend saw me running around London and Essex record shops like Boogie Times, Nicky Black Market and Unity looking for the newest cuts smashing the dance floors. Bringing my love of the Old Skool dance with the love of all things EDM I'm now joining the Chewb team to bring to you some of the most cutting edge House music around today. Not afraid to jump between a multitude of the dance eras you can follow me through an education and adventure of House music brining the vibes of the bygone days with the flava and rawness of today's hot productions. If it's EDM and it's banging it's getting played no matter what day it rolled off the production line! Get on board with me and let's get it going! Jay McGhie aka Harry Von Stacks
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  • 2018
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