Hard Reset (TR)


When he began archiving songs he discovered on the radio and
on the internet for his own personal enjoyment, it determined to the
fate of Hard Reset. After starting to burn his favorite songs on CDs, he
started to DJ at house parties and small gatherings. The house parties,
which he played in many different styles at the time, helped Hard Reset
develop his talents without thinking too much about genres.

With the guidance of his friends he met at these parties, he decided to make
his own production. His melody-focused productions get inspired by his
childhood where he tries to reinterpret the old with a new approach.
Before releasing any of his productions, he focused on learning and
creating signature sound for a long time in the studio. In the first
months of 2019, Hard Reset released his first track, “Resurrection”.
After the highly acclaimed track, he opened up for Ferry Corsten in
Istanbul, which eventually transformed his passion from a hobby to
professional style, once where it was only a dream.

Hard Reset, who has started to take part in many clubs and festivals with the songs
and remixes he has released since 2019, had the chance to test the
pieces to be released from the record company. The demos he played in
his sets and played in front of different audiences in different cities
with each passing day, aroused curiosity and paved the way for Hard
Reset to reflect its unique style.

Continuing to achieve success as A&R as well as DJ-producer duties, Hard Reset pioneered the
creation of the compilation album “The Void”, consisting of 40 tracks
and 44 artists. The album is also known as the first electronic music
compilation sold on NFT space in the world.

A new year will continue to present new challenges and opportunities for Hard Reset,
which continues to carry innovative and visionary steps on the business
side of music to its music on the stage and then to the masses.

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