Hallex M (HK)

Dj, Producer, and Remixer for various labels such as Yoruba, Tribe, Sole Channel, Jellybean Soul... Hallex M produced soulful hits “Simpatico” released on Yoruba Records followed by “Ding Ding” both tracks featuring the knighted UK soul singer OMAR. He has collaborated with other artists such Peven Everett, Osunlade, Djeff, Mr. V, Fudge, Sunlightsquare, Carlos Mena, Ezel, Tasita D’mour... and is currently in the studio working on his first full-length album for Yoruba Records. Hallex M continues traveling the world including Las Vegas, Greece, Dubai, Milan, Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Costa Rica, Mexico and Hong Kong where he is actually based. Label owner of UNITED MUSIC RECORDS, he has successfully released over 70 tracks featuring artists like DJ Spen, DJ Fudge, MKTL, Peven Everett, Jose Marquez, Djn Project, Filipe Narciso, Djeff Afrozila. DJ Spinna, Tony Touch.. Hallex M is also the Co-Owner of U Entertainment which is a HK-based company specializing in booking artists, event management and consultation.
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