Guy Almoz (IL)


Guy Almoz was born in Israel, with his passion in music accompanying him throughout his life, starting at the age of 18 with pioneering a company for sound amplification and lighting during a time when sparks were flying out of the dimmers. He continued to study piano and saxophone and performed in various jazz and rock ensembles. Later, he would take center stage as a DJ at parties and private events in Israel and abroad.
Simultaneously Guy wore multiple hats in the realms of music and entrepreneurship, he was the owner of a magazine and a school for architecture and interior design.
He established a design center that combined a fine dining restaurant and spaces for music events and parties in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv.
Over the years, Guy set up a home studio using both acoustic and electronic instruments, many of them vintage, here, he continued to unravel the mysteries of music and frequencies, embarking on a parallel journey into the realm of spirituality.
Today, he integrates spiritual frequencies into a clinic where he works with people by reprogramming their subconscious mind, and he explores how to harmonize frequencies that have gone out of balance.

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