Greg Notill (FR)

GreG NoTill is born in 1980 in France. Influenced by the hardest and finest electronic and experimental music since his childhood, greg starts producing his own stuff at 14 years old. After some years, a long experimental period on differents hardware machines and software programs, and after a tragic event in his live, Greg's inspirations turned into some real hard, industrial and booming sound. Very well known from the hardtechno scene because of his energy and technical skills behind the decks and coz of his incredible, detailed, melodic, rhythmic and stomping tracks, Greg had some releases on the biggest hardtechno labels from all around the globe (Gnot recordings, Cannibal Society, carnage, working vinyl, artillery, lifeform to name the few.......). With about 200 tracks released on it, he's now considered as one of the biggest hardtechno dj and producers. You can recognise its style with these little breaks that nobody tried to copy yet.... No stolen loops, no ghost producers, with more than 13 years of djing skills, he's definitely the guy you need to hear one time in your life for an unstoppable banging mixset or liveact ! As a dj and live perfomer, Greg played almost everywhere in big festivals like Syndicate, Toxicator, Rurh in love (germany), Nature one, Montagood, Liberty white soon in Monegros, trivial xperience (olympic stadium of barcelona and in famous clubs and parties like Fabrik, la cova, row14, florida in spain... Here's a non-exhaustive list of the countries where he brought its noise: Brazil, germany, france, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Swiss, Austria, poland, hungary, slovenia, slovakia, craotia, ukraine, United kingdom, Czech republic, malta, bulgaria, poland ... Greg knows how to drive to crowd into pure madness... He offers you a top quality performance for a direct trip to emotions. Greg launched his own digital label called G-not recordings. After a hard selection, there's no place for fast and easy music, G-not is the absolute reference you have to know if you're looking for some serious brainfucking beatz to destroy some dance floors!
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