Gooseman (NL)


Gooseman, a 90's kid with an innate passion for electronic music. A man who fails with words but speaks with music, what has always attracted him like a magnet, right from the start of consciousness.
Slowly he rolled into the profession as a DJ and it all started in the nineties in his father's attic. There he connected anything that made sound to a 6-channel mixer to record all of his favorite songs in a continuous mix. Raised with the music of Tiesto, Cosmic Gate, Faithless, Paul Van Dyk and more, leading him to an early love for deep atmospheric sounds.
In the years that followed, his musical tastes spanned the entire spectrum of electronic music. He tasted everything, very hard and fast, to very deep and slow.
His style is therefore never completely fixed, although he has been stuck with House and Techno for quite some time now. He especially finds the deep and hypnotic types very attractive.
The threshold to becoming a real DJ was big, because he suffered from a certain kind of stage fright, "I did not dare to take the step". And yet he managed to put that aside, the urge to make people dance to his music was too intense. "It just had to happen".
It was the year 2018, Gooseman made his debut and that happened in the dance scene of Groningen, home base of where he had been partying since the zeros.
Since then he has played there at many small parties, which is also what his sights are on. He especially likes the intimate settings, "a thousand people is more than enough to go apeshit crazy with".
So if you want to let your mind be taken away, soaring your soul on deep electronic sounds, then you must follow this goose, flying high to the sky.

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