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Albert Harvey (1986) and Kevin Ramos (1987), both grew up in the Netherlands. With their mutual passion for music, a new friendship was born. Albert grew up with gospel, soul, and folk music from his home country Surinam. For Kevin, music has always been a big part of his life, since his father is a well-known Latin artist and his mother a funky soul singer. With their friendship as a solid base and their mutual interest in music, fashion, and art, they decided to join forces. Albert and Kevin grew to be an influential duo with a cross-over sound between pop and electronic music, inspired by their heroes Daftpunk, N*E*R*D and Coldplay. From that moment on, GLOWINTHEDARK was a fact! An identity which suits their creativity musically and performance-wise, as they light up the crowd with their electrifying performances, visualizing themselves as the light and energy on stage. Their potential to become one of the most promising pop/electronic duos is visible through their energetic live performances. Considering their exceptional stage presence, successful collaborations, and their ability to light up any crowd with their energy, one thing is certain… Anything is possible when you GLOWINTHEDARK!
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