Gino Pasarella (NL)

Gino always had a passion for underground music and ever since he’s younger years he wanted to follow in he’s uncle’s foodsteps as a DJ and musician. Somewhere along the way the interest faded to the background. Years later after he’s first techno party the interests exploded. He wanted to get behind the decks himself. Just 6 years ago, he bought he’s first gear. From then on everything developed in fast pace. From pioneers to a personalized digital setup and from mainstream techno to he’s own unique sound in a genre that is now gaining in popularity. Along the way he's short journey he met Tom Welling and as they shared their vision on techno music they became good friends. While Tom became he’s mentor he also asked him to be A&R manager for he's label miniMahlzeit. As the journey continues, Gino is now spending many of he’s free hours in the studio learning about music production.
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