Gino-Cochise (NL)


Gino-Cochise van Ligten (02-10-1990) was born in a musical family with parents like Julya Lo’ko (professional singer) & Erwin van Ligten (professional guitarist). Started playing the drums with a lot of passion at the age of 5. As Gino-Cochise got older he gained a lot of experience in music and broadened his talents in several instruments such as: bass guitar, percussion, guitar and keys. Gino-Cochise has always heard a lot of music floating around in his head. Because he learned to play the harmonic instruments better and better, he was able to bring his musical fantasies to life. All these experiences opened new doors for Gino-Cochise. With those open doors, he formed a clear dream for himself that he wants to pursue.

Breaking through internationally with your own band, composing / producing and developing himself spiritually into a valued musician / drummer who appeals to people for his own unique style / creativity. So far his biggest highlight in the form of his dream has been winning the 'Grote Prijs van Nederland 2010 Sing and Songwriter' where he played with the young talented singer 'Nicole Bus' of which he recorded 2 songs ('Fly away' & 'More than life') has composed entirely from music to vocal lines. Since 2011 his promising dream band has been complete: "The Muffin Majors".

In 2011 Gino won the "Grand Prix of the Netherlands" in the category Best Musician.

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