Get Looze (VN)

GET LOOZE is a Vietnamese DJ and Turntablist turn Producer. The Ho Chi Minh City-native has been named by Vietnam’s electronic music veterans as one of the most talented electronic musicians of his generation. With a deep passion for music, GET LOOZE decided to start his career as a DJ when he was 17 after watching videos of DJ QBert on YouTube. He learnt his way to become a turntablist, which taught him the skills to read the crowd and DJ his own way, telling the crowd his own stories through his sets. In time, GET LOOZE gradually proved his skills and talents to both the fans and professionals. In 2015, GET LOOZE was named Vietnam’s No.1 DJ by the Dutch Electronic Music Legend, Tiesto. This was a great turning point in GET LOOZE’s career, paving his ways to the bigger stages, performing alongside international superstars such as: Hardwell, Steve Aoki, W&W, Headhunterz, Yellow Claw and so many more. And since 2016, GET LOOZE started his residency at 2 of the largest and most well-known clubs in Hanoi, 1900 LE THEATRE and The Bank / The Toilet Hanoi, where he performs in front of thousands fans, showcases his own productions, mashups. In 2018, GET LOOZE started on another path in his music career with music production. The passion and inspiration for music gave him the desire to show his fans and the world that he is also an artist, with his own creative abilities. From many bootlegs and remixes, GET LOOZE released his first solo single “UFO” at the end of 2018 and received immensely positive feedback from his predecessors, peers and fans, a major start to a new chapter in his musical career. Also in 2018, GET LOOZE started his own audio/video podcast program “LOOZE THE BEAT”, in collaboration with BEATVN and 1900 LE THEATRE, with the initiative to showcase and introduce fresh, quality electronic music from both domestic and international artists to the Vietnamese fans. The show includes a live mix from GET LOOZE and also live special guest appearances in his studio, including the likes of: SIKDOPE, MYRNE, BROOKS, NGOKIEN, and more. LOOZE THE BEAT has been receiving great response, averaging 100,000 views/streams per episode across all platforms.
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