Gerald G (DE)

The youngest of four children, and being a twin, the 21 year old German/Ghanian singer/songwriter started his musical career as lead vocalist of Hamburg based R&B group, The Fresh Squad , formerly Nasty Clan,and made a name for himself crooning super hot ballads and popular club tracks, cowriting hot original material that circulated clubs throughout Germany. Gerald spent time working in Copenhagen with famed producer/singer/songwriter Danish superstar Burhan G, who wrote and performed with Ida Corr on THINK ABOUT IT, while also a permanent fixture on the live music circuit with The Terri Green Project, a classical pop/soul project working all throughout Europe. Gerald nicknamed “Golden Child”, has a voice a smooth a silk and a range that sets him apart from other male vocalist on the scene. He has worked on club tours all over europe including Hed Kandi, and Kontor Top of the Clubs as a Mc/Vocalist and gives an energetic performance hands down. He has been compared to the musical styles of Usher and Ne-Yo, but brings his own flavor to any production. He is a comfortable Urban vocalist but enjoys fusing Dance/Electronic styles to have a cutting edge sound. Gerald G released several succesful tracks, including Bodybangers ft. Gerald G, "Set the Night on Fire", a Top 100 in France and DJ Charts Worldwide, as well as a Top 40 club hit with Aleksey Romeo (Russia) with " This Is Your Life". Singles with Dj Bryce (DANCE). reached Viva Club Video Charts no. 1 position. Additional releases included Stereo Plasma (Now That You’re Gone), Max K.(Take it to the LImit), and self titled Song, Dreaming on the Dancefloor ft. Mr. Ski Freeman, reached noteable chart positions and his career is only beginning. Gerald has the talent and the drive to take it international and the stage savvy to appeal to audiences of all ages.
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