Gavin Harrison ()

My interest in sound began at only 5 years old. My grandparents had an upright piano and I was fascinated by the different sounds it made. During my early school years, like many others, I took up the recorder. This taught me how to read music – a significant step towards my future.I didn’t know it at the time, but I had a life-changing experience when I was 10. One of my teachers played us a film clip (sadly, I can’t remember which). First, he played it with dialogue, but no music. Then, he repeated it – with music. We were all astounded by the difference in the emotion we felt. That throwaway few minutes – that I’m sure no one else remembers – made me want to create sound and be behind that difference. Fast-forward a few years… I left my recorder-playing days behind me, but continued with the piano and took up the guitar. During my early teenage years, I even took lessons on the church organ! Eventually I found myself in a gigging band, playing both keyboard and guitar in front of several hundred people each week. I also studied music technology at Cambridge Regional College and took a short MIDI course at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. I’ve dipped my toes in many waters as I’ve built my career. In film and TV… I was the sound editor on My Tumour and I (Tom Shrapnel). I’m a composer for Audio Network where I have worked with Terry Devine-King (Heavy Rain) and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. My music has been featured on TV programmes such as Rome: The History of an Eternal City (BBC HD), Panorama (BBC 1) and Channel 4’s 2012 Paralympics coverage. In games… my music spans a vast spectrum of genres, from chiptune music to full orchestral pieces. I’ve worked with Future Games Of London, OrangePixel and Jonathan Ross’ Hotsauce Interactive. Album releases… in 2007, I collaborated with Hong-Kong-based Jeff Caylor to create original music and remix his album.
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